by Adam Armstrong

Permabit And NEC Partner For New Solutions

Today Permabit Technology Corporation and NEC Corporation of America announced a partnership aimed at delivering data efficiency solutions. Combining Permabit’s Albireo data efficiency software with NEC M-Series SAN storage systems will deliver new solutions such as deduplication and compression to NEC’s SAN systems.

Permabit’s Albireo data efficiency software offers a suite of data efficiency offerings including data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and replication. This data reduction can be provided across a wide range of applications, including mixed virtual server, VDI, database (OLTP and data warehouse) and Big Data environments. Permabit claims that it can reduce storage requirements and network traffic by as much as 5-35x.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced data stored lowering the effective cost per GB stored
  • Increased storage effective capacity to address data growth and storage expansion requirements
  • Increased storage reliability by reducing wear on storage media (HDD and flash)
  • Optimized network utilization as a result of less data across the network
  • Reduced storage costs that reduce CAPEX
  • Reduced maintenance costs as a result of reduced storage consumption delivering improve OPEX
  • Improved quality of service and SLA goal attainment while increasing customer satisfaction and retention

NEC’s M-Series SAN storage systems are hybrid solutions that are designed to solve data management challenges facing enterprise organizations. The Mx10 delivers up to 400% higher performance than the previous series due to having a larger cache, Intel Xeon processors, and 12Gbps interface. Servers and storage can be managed through a single pane-of-glass in virtualized environments.

The combination of the two technologies will expand the M-Series SAN storage system offerings and deliver advanced SAN capabilities at a lower price. This combination will make the M-Series a more attractive choice for customers.

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NEC’s M-series

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