by Adam Armstrong

Permabit Releases Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer 5.2

Today Permabit Technology Corporation released the latest version of Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO), version 5.2. The latest release will deliver increased efficiency and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 support.

Albireo VDO is Permabit’s ready-to-run software package that delivers block-level deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning capabilities to any storage environment. It combines fine-grained thin provisioning, inline data deduplication and HIOPS Compression for Linux-based storage solutions. Permabit states that Albireo VDO can deliver an average 6:1 data reduction across mixed storage environments.

The latest version adds support for RHEL 7 giving customers all of the capabilities of RHEL 7 while leveraging world-class OEM support from Red Hat. Permabit has also added dramatic increases in performance and memory efficiency in 5.2. The latest update enables up to 4PB of logical storage.


Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer 5.2 is available now.

Permabit Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer

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