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Reliability Survey

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Welcome to the Hard Drive Reliability Survey. This database combines and analyzes individual reader experiences with a variety of hard drives into a comprehensive whole that aims to provide reliability information for reviewed drives. Your participation is appreciated. By taking part and offering your experiences, you help shape the only reliability data available to end users.

Attention: Please be accurate and honest in your participation. Thousands of SR readers will depend on these results to project hard drive reliability. We realize that there will be some individuals out there who will put their personal agenda ahead of the common goal of truth and accuracy when participating. Our analysis engine will take aggressive steps to flag and disqualify readers who attempt to use this survey to unfairly portray a drive's reliability record in either a positive or negative direction. A reader will not be notified when his or her account is disqualified. If you wish for your results to be taken into account, be truthful, fair, and accurate. Enter results for all your drives, not just your failures! Anything less leads to misleading contributions. Thank you.

Only hard drives that have been reviewed by SR are found in this database. As a result, drives released well before March 12, 1998 will not be cataloged. Please research the release date of your drive before writing us to tell us its missing from the database.

Hard drives reviewed by are produced by Fujitsu, IBM, Maxtor, Quantum, Samsung, Seagate, or Western Digital. Which manufacturer made your drive?

Reliability Survey - Select Manufacturer

Analyzed results are available to all users via the button below as soon as we accumulate a "critical mass" of responses. We continue to refine an analysis engine that's fair, encompassing, and easy to understand. By participating you aid SR in providing the dataset needed to deliver valuable information to all readers. If you would like to enter information for your drive, please register and then login.

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