by Adam Armstrong

Pivot3 Announces Compact Acuity X3 HCI Solutions For ROBO

Today Pivot3 announced a new version of its Acuity HCI Series, the Acuity X3 Series. This new series is designed to bring all of the benefits that enterprises enjoy to SMB, ROBO, and edge. According to the company, the new solution will allow organizations to confidently consolidate multiple, mixed-application workloads onto a single infrastructure to help lower cost and reduce datacenter footprint.

Pivot3’s new Acuity X3 Series comes with all of the benefits of the larger Acuity X5 Series in a compact 1U form factor. Like the larger Acuity, the new solution is also based on NVMe flash architecture and claims to deliver six times the performance of conventional HCI solutions and runs two-to-three times more virtual machines per HCI node. The new solution will also leverage Pivot3’s advanced policy-based QoS that helps eliminate resource contention by automating performance and data protection.

Acuity X3 can allow a small or remote office to deliver high performance and a comprehensive suite of data services, including highly efficient erasure coding, data protection, data reduction, and integration with VMware vSphere and vCenter, for database applications, virtual desktops, edge processing and mixed workload use cases. All of the above can be done in a small footprint, with a small IT staff, and from a single pane of glass.


The Pivot3 Acuity X3 Series is available now in a range of modular hyperconverged appliances with compute, storage and networking options designed to meet a variety of needs

Pivot3 Acuity

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