by Michael Rink

Pivot3 Announces Ruggedized Hybrid Cloud Solution

Today Pivot3 announced a new ruggedized hybrid cloud solution to support the infrastructure needs of defense, intelligence, and other operations at the “tactical edge.” Targeting analytics, virtual desktop infrastructure, and IoT uses cases, Pivot3’s Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution allows customers with to capture, process and act on data immediately in the field.

Pivot3’s Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution is a fully self-contained computing infrastructure platform suitable for installation in vehicles, ships and, planes. It provides a common platform across mobile and traditional data center environments for all workloads, no matter where they live. With Pivot3, agencies can easily add compute and capacity as needed to grow with the needs of the mission. It uses NVMe flash for storage. Flash is much denser and more resilient than traditional disk drives. Disc drives spin very fast very close to the laser reading head and can be damaged if a vehicle's motion causes them to bump together. Solid state drives like NVMe flash don't have that issue.

Powered by Pivot3’s Intelligence Engine, the solution features automation for “set-and-forget” policy-based management, which enables customers to guarantee performance to critical applications and automate data placement across private and public clouds. The Intelligent Edge Command and Control solution enables policy-based replication, workload mobility and disaster recovery for complementary cloud services.

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