by Michael Rink

Pivotal Announces Pivotal Greenplum 6

Pivotal recently announced the impending release of Greenplum 6 and Greenplum for Kubernetes. Like previous versions, Greenplum 6 is based on PostgreSQL and runs on Linux. Greenplum is a big data analytics software package. It acquired its current name in 2012 after being acquired by EMC Corporation in 2010.

With Greenplum for Kubernetes, customers run the same Greenplum in Pivotal Container Service (PKS), Google Container Environment (GKE), or wherever Kubernetes is installed. This should make multi-cloud deployments easier. Pivotal opted to supplement standard Kubernetes deployment with what they are calling the Greenplum Operator. Pivotal says the Operator will create, configure and manage instances of complex stateful applications on behalf of a Kubernetes user as well as inform how Greenplum should be configured and deployed. 

Greenplum version 6 will bring the database into sync with open source PostgreSQL. According to a development update in January 2018 they had completed merging in PostgreSQL 8.4 and were aiming to reach 9.x by release. Pivotal is also claiming to have improved write performance with version 6. While this does give the engine some transactional uses, it is still primarily targeting analytics use cases. Pivotal says the new version will allow for more concurrency compared to version 5. Pivotal did not provide a planned release date with their announcement, and the most recent release date target seen was for September 2018.


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