by Adam Armstrong

Plexistor Introduces Its Software-Defined Memory Platform

Today a new Startup company, Plexistor, is introducing its new platform that is based off of Software-Defined Memory (SDM), the Plexistor Solution. With SDM Plexistor can converge memory and storage technologies together to deliver what they are calling persistent high capacity storage at near-memory speed. This new solution supports both traditional and next-generation applications.

Plexistor was established in 2014 with its first product being introduced today. They are headquartered in Mountain View, California with R&D in Israel. Their CEO, Sharon Azulai, is also founder and has been the CEO of various other companies including Tonian, Inc., Insightix (Interim), Coridan, Inc., as well as the CTO and cofounder of Conduct. Azulai also owns several patents. Plexistor currently has 12 patents pending.

Plexistor states that its new SDM solution enables IT to run both in-memory and traditional enterprise applications on a single infrastructure. They do on to state that this means there will be no dedicated clusters, which will simplify the data center architecture and reduce costs. The solution will allow customer to utilize traditional flash storage devices and well as future devices such as volatile DRAM and emerging Non-Volatile memory devices such as NVDIMM-N and 3D XPoint. The key markets Plexistor is going after are digital advertising, log analysis, personalization, financial applications, cyber security, and DevOps.

Plexistor’s initial in-house benchmarking lead them to claim some pretty impressive results including:

  • MongoDB performance by 450% without sacrificing data persistency
  • SQL database latency reduced by 24x
  • Multi-threaded FIO performance was 210 times faster


The Plexistor Solution is available now on AWS for both on-premises and cloud-based deployment.

Plexistor main site

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