by Adam Armstrong

Portworx Announces PX-Enterprise 1.4

Today Portworx announced what it is calling he most significant new release to-date of its comprehensive solution for running stateful containers in production, PX-Enterprise version 1.4. The new update contains many useful features such as the container industry’s first application consistent snapshot solution for complex Kubernetes applications and a new GUI for cloud environments. The new capabilities and features address the need of storing and protecting containerized applications.

Container usage is growing rapidly as companies leverage them more and more for DevOps and now mission critical applications. As more important data and more complex applications leverage containers, organizations need to make sure they have secure methods of storing them. Portworx PX-Enterprise addressed these issues and continues to expand to encompass the growing and changing needs of those that utilize containers.

New features include:

  • 3DSnap: 3DSnap is the industry’s first application consistent backup and restore snapshotting capability that permits enterprises to group volumes together for backup. This enables backup and recovery for complex applications through application consistent snapshots of Kubernetes stateful sets, directly from the Kubernetes command line. 
  • New PX-Enterprise user interface: An updated version of PX-Enterprise’s GUI provides a fast, responsive way to manage multi-cloud container clusters, including a timeline of snapshots for backup and recovery management.
  • Kubernetes Per Volume Secrets: Per Volume Secrets enable enterprises to encrypt individual Kubernetes volumes with different keys, a requirement for many multi-tenant environments.
  • DC/OS Vault Support: PX-Enterprise 1.4 also adds support for Mesosphere DC/OS Vault so customers can store encryption keys in the Vault service built-in to DC/OS instead of spinning up a separate service.
  • Google Cloud Auto Scaling Support for GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine): PX-Enterprise 1.4 enables fully automated management of  Google Cloud disks by keeping track of which disks are attached to which GCP instance and automatically attaching them as the GKE cluster scales up.
  • CSI Tech Preview: PX-Enterprise 1.4 will have Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver as tech preview so customers can deploy their applications with Kubernetes 1.10 with volume provisioning through CSI. PX-Enterprise is the first cloud native storage software to support CSI natively.
  • License Transfer Functionality: With PX-Enterprise 1.4, customers can transfer a cluster license from one cluster to another cluster of the same size and capability so they can safely decommission an older cluster and migrate the workloads to a newer cluster.


PX-Enterprise 1.4 is available as a preview with generally availability expected May 14, 2018.


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