by Adam Armstrong

Primary Data Adds Scale-Out File Services To DataSphere For VSAN

Today Primary Data announced that is has added scale-out file services with VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) to its DataSphere software. This means that VSAN will be able to support its native block protocols as well as file protocols with DataSphere. Primary Data states that this new ability for VSAN to support more applications in the same physical footprint as well as being deployed as both a hyper-converged solution as well as a scale out NAS solution.

Using DataSphere on VSAN adds several benefits to customers. For instance, customers can see a reduction in total cost of ownership, as they would no longer need to have a separate NAS solution for file-based workloads. On top of that, there would only be a need for one admin for both the NAS and VSAN. Using VSAN also gives companies a uniquely differentiated scale-out NAS implementation for large data sets, enabling them to take advantage of the entire 64-node VMware vCenter Server cluster. Another benefit customer can see is that DataSphere is a certified Universal Virtual Volumes provider for the VM-aware storage capabilities provided through VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes integration and management software. 

Benefits of DataSphere for VMware Virtual SAN include:

  • Seamless Integration with Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) to provide more granular visibility and pairing of storage resources to application needs
  • Empowering VMware Efficiency Across Storage Resources: With DataSphere’s certified Universal VASA and Virtual Volumes providers for VMware vSphere, all storage arrays immediate become Virtual Volumes-capable, simplifying storage management. DataSphere also integrates with VMware vCenter to further streamline management within customers’ VMware ecosystems
  • Ensure Achievement of Application SLAs: With DataSphere, customers can define dynamic storage policies to ensure automatic reallocation of resources as application needs change


DataSphere is available now.

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