by Adam Armstrong

Primary Data Makes A Data Lake With Several EMC Offerings

Today at EMC World Conference 2016, Primary Data announced its storage-agnostic DataSphere platform connects EMC systems including ScaleIO software-defined scale-out block storage solutions, Isilon scale-out NAS storage, and Amazon S3 cloud storage. Primary Data demonstrated this at their booth, 165, showing how data virtualization enables enterprises to integrate the capabilities of their diverse storage resources. Primary Data states that its DataSphere can unit EMC storage systems across file, block, and object access protocols, scaling the EMC Data Lake solutions across their different EMC storage platforms.

EMC’s Data Lake is designed to consolidate all of the growing unstructured data efficiently while allowing for analytics to help customer gain insights. EMC uses its Isilon scale-out storage for the Data Lake and Hadoop-based analytics for gaining insights. DataSphere is a data virtualization platform that connects EMC Data Lake solutions with other EMC systems. This gives data access to all of the diverse features in EMC’s storage soltuions. Primary Data will demonstrate this by showing live data movement using Service Level Objectives across different storage systems using different protocols, such as ScaleIO software-defined scale-out block storage, Isilon scale-out file-based storage, and object-based cloud storage.

Through data virtualization and using industry-standard protocols, DataSphere abstracts data from underlying storage making applications see the data as a single global dataspace. In doing so, applications will be able to see across all aspects of storage transparently. DataSphere also has a dynamic policy engine that enables IT to respond to changing SLOs but alerting IT if there is a risk of noncompliance and enabling SLOs to be changed across different storage tiers within the DataSphere interface. Once polices are set, DataSphere tiers the data to the resource that gives it the best benefit.


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