by Adam Armstrong

Primary Data Updates Its DataSphere Software To 1.2

Today Primary Data released the latest update to its storage-agnostic data virtualization platform, DataSphere 1.2. According to the company, the new features will turn the DataSphere software platform into a metadata engine that automates the flow of data to help enterprises meet evolving application demands. Primary Data goes on to claim that the update will also allow DataSphere to optimize scale-out NAS for performance without bottlenecks, integrate easily with the cloud, automate data management, and provide client and file visibility across different storage systems from a single pane of glass.

As we previously stated, DataSphere abstracts data from underlying storage making applications see the data as a single global dataspace. In doing so, applications will be able to see across all aspects of storage transparently. DataSphere also has a dynamic policy engine that enables IT to respond to changing SLOs but alerting IT if there is a risk of noncompliance and enabling SLOs to be changed across different storage tiers within the DataSphere interface. Once polices are set, DataSphere tiers the data to the resource that gives it the best benefit.

New features in DataSphere 1.2 include:

  • Increase scale-out NAS performance for unstructured data and other NAS workloads with vendor-agnostic support for Dell EMC Isilon and NetApp ONTAP solutions
  • Cloud orchestration through direct interfaces with Amazon S3 and compatible cloud platforms
  • Enhanced metadata management with snapshots across shares and files, as well as share and file cloning
  • Visibility into file and client performance with hot file notifications and real-time performance graphs visible on user dashboard
  • Rapid recovery with high availability (HA) and volume retrieval
  • Faster performance with improved metadata algorithm intelligence and resource usage while continuing to maintain client IO even while data is in flight
  • Expanded support for Linux, Mac and Windows environments: DataSphere supports Linux, macOS, and also features SMB support for Windows Server 2008/Windows 7 and later.


The latest version of DataSphere is available now. 

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