by Josh Shaman

Promise Technology Announces VTrak A-Class

Promise Technology announced its new turnkey SAN storage device, the VTrak A-Class designed to be used by creative professionals in storage-intensive applications such as post-production, broadcast, data asset management and archiving. Multiple clients running a variety of operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) can access a shared SAN over Fibre Channel. To meet the needs of users who want to integrate their storage devices using a simple system, the idea behind the VTrak A-Class is that users won't have to buy a separate RAID subsytem, servers and storage devices. Instead, users can easily deploy the VTrak A-Class.

Promise VTrak A-Class Features

  • High-performance, low latency over a shared SAN
  • Collaborative editing right out of the box
  • Supports heterogeneous environments for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Single vendor SAN server and data all in 1box under a browser-based management GUI
  • Scale performance with capacity by way of adding VTrak Ex30f series as storage nodes
  • Single pane management software to manage the SAN server, storage nodes and clients
  • Grow to petabytes, always online without downtime
  • Single appliance offers significant cost savings over current solutions

Research by Promise Technology showed demand for this kind of integrated technology. Promise found that since creative professionals such as video and audio editors utilize a wide range of large files, they need a high level of througput. The VTrak A-Class can perform these tasks as well as running daily backups and storing archives of media files. The VTrak A-Class also utilizes Promise's low latency filesystem called VTrakFS to support collaborative editing.


The VTrak A-Class from Promise Technology will be available April 29th.

VTrak A-Class