by Lyle Smith

PROMISE Technology's VTrak x30 and Vess R2000 Announced

PROMISE Technology has announced new additions to its VTrak and Vess lines of storage solutions: the VTrak x30 10G iSCSI and Vess R2000 10G iSCSI models. The new VTrak x30 10G iSCSI storage system meets the needs of enterprises for applications including virtualization, backup and cloud computing and offers customers high levels of reliability, performance and ease-of-use, making it ideal for IT infrastructures that need a cost-effective alternative to Fibre Channel. 

The VTrak x30 has dual active/active RAID controllers, quad 8Gb FC ports or two 10GbE ports, and 4GB cache, improving on the PROMISE VTrak x30 series all the while including Fibre Channel solutions that have been deployed by some of the world's most advanced datacenters. The traffic and size of datacenters are growing at an exponential rate and there is an increasing demand for cost efficient cloud infrastructure support. The new VTrak x30 10G iSCSI can be deployed to complement non-mission critical Fibre Channel environments, which offers enterprise-level performance at an affordable cost. In addition, with 10G iSCSI infrastructure widely used in backup and virtualized environments, the VTrak x30 10G iSCSI solution is ideal for customers who are looking to virtualize their IT infrastructure and migrate to the cloud. VTrak x30 uses VMware vSphere ESX Server v5.1, is VAAI certified, and has heterogeneous OS support for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

The new Vess R2000 10G iSCSI dual active-active model is ideal for virtualized environments, backup and general file sharing applications and includes support for the dual active-standby NAS feature, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to explore broader storage applications and possibilities. The Vess R2000 is also a unified storage solution with Fibre Channel (8Gbps), iSCSI, and NAS (1Gbps and 10Gbps) host connectivity in one box that can be used to meet various application challenges and requirements in today's heterogeneous IT environment. Being NAS solution with dual controllers in a single box allows the Vess R2000 series to save on costs and space over traditional single controller NAS devices that provide a cluster NAS solution for high availability, which limits expansion capabilities, doubles the system configuration required and doubles the total amount of disks. Additionally, the Vess R2000 Series now supports VMware VAAI, reducing the resource overhead on VMware vSphere ESXi hosts, significantly improving performance for storage-intensive operations including storage cloning, zeroing, and more.


The PROMISE Vess R2000 10G iSCSI solution is now available via PROMISE global network of distributors and value added resellers. The PROMISE VTrak x30 10G iSCSI solution will be available some time in early Q2.