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Pure Storage Announces A New Cloud-Based Storage Management And Support Platform

Today Pure Storage announced its new cloud-based storage management and support platform, Pure1. Pure1 is a cloud-based service that brings management and support process together making it easier for IT to manage storage from anywhere around the globe from mobile devices. Pure1 enables customers, partners, and Pure staff to collaborate with seamless coordination and ultra-proactive support while lowering costs by eliminating dedicated storage management servers.

Pure1 is built on the foundation of Pure1 Cloud, which is itself an expansion of Pure Storage’s existing CloudAssist technology. All of Pure Storage FlashArrays are powered by its Purity Operating Environment and managed by Pure1. Pure1 simplifies integration with applications in virtualization and cloud computing environments. Pure1 consists of four elements: manage, connect, collaborate, and support.

Pure1 Manage

Pure1 Manage takes the complexity out of storage management while reducing costs. Using Software as a Service model, IT can use a web browser to monitor globally distributed FlashArrays on a single screen. The UI is simple and intuitive enabling general IT administrators the ability to master it in minutes. IT is also given the ability to monitor storage remotely through mobile devices. And Pure1 Manage saves money by eliminating dedicated storage management servers.

Pure1 Connect

Pure1 Connect enables customers to integrate new FlashArrays with existing hardware and software in their datacenter. Pure1 Connect offers applications connectors with complete FlashArray management within VMware vSphere, vRealize Operations Manager, and Site Recovery Manager, a pre-integrated OpenStack Cinder driver, and others. Customers can automate FlashArray management for cloud environments with an included state-of-the-art REST API. Pure1 Connect also includes automation toolkits, such as starter scripts and PowerShell commandlets, that enable the accelerated development of customized workflows.

Pure1 Collaborate

There is a Pure1 Collaborate Community site where users, partners, and Pure Storage staff can share experiences and aid one another. This is both beneficial for Pure Storage as well as its customers and partners. New methods can be delivered within the community and later integrated into future products.

Pure1 Support

Pure1 Support is a proactive support experience. Customer arrays are automatically monitored. If a problem arises Pure Storage alert the customer right away. Or if a potential problem could happen, Pure Storage informs the customer of the potential problems. In most cases problems can be resolved before they impact the over all performance of the storage environment. With the RemoteAssist capability, customers can allow Pure Storage support to log in and perform maintenance tasks freeing the customers to focus on running their business. 


Pure1 Manage, Connect, and Collaborate are available now and are included free with the purchase of a Pure Storage FlashArray. Pure1 Support is also available in two tiers: Pure1 Support Advanced and Pure1 Support Premium.

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