by Adam Armstrong

Pure Storage Introduces Its New Cloud-Scale All-Flash Data Platform

Today Pure Storage introduces a new all-flash storage platform that it claims is designed to store the biggest, fastest data of today and tomorrow, FlashBlade. Pure goes on to state that its FlashBlade is an elastic scale-out system that delivers all-flash performance to petabyte-scale data sets at economics of less than $1 per usable GB. They also state that companies looking to build an all-flash cloud can do so with both FlashBlade and FlashArray.

Gaining insight from Big Data is no longer something being talked about, it is something that is being done but many organizations. Storing and analyzing these massive amounts of data are important but present several issues. In order to gain anything from this data companies need solutions that can sale and have tremendous performance. All-flash solutions are starting to be looked at closer as a possible solution to these issues.

Pure Storage attempts to answer the above issues with its new FlashBlade. The all-flash performance and its ability to scale enables companies to tackle the above issue and the most common use case. Pure claims that companies can focus on gaining insights as oppose to worrying about storage. Not only are they stating that FlashBlade is fast and scalable, it is also cost effective at less than a $1/GB.

Benefits include:

  • Elastic Scale-out: FlashBlade grows capacity, IO and metadata performance, bandwidth, and client connectivity linearly as blades are added non-disruptively to the system
  • File and Object: FlashBlade is built on a common scale-out object store that can be accessed via both file and object protocols, and can adapt to new future protocols easily
  • All-flash performance and efficiency: FlashBlade delivers consistent all-flash low-latency to accelerate any workload, as well as dramatically higher efficiency, replacing racks of storage with its 4U form-factor
  • Dramatic simplicity: One system, one true, gigantic scale-out namespace. Multi-protocol access. A simple web-based GUI and REST API, and cloud-based management and support from Pure1. Anyone can manage FlashBlade – at any scale.
  • Metadata scale:  FlashBlade is engineered with metadata scale in mind. The future-proof architecture of the Elasticity OS supports creating over 100 million unique objects/files every second for 20 years. In true Evergreen style, any upgrades to support a larger address space are non-disruptive by design.


Pure Storage FlashBlade is available now for select customers with a wider release planned for the second half of 2016. 

Pure Storage main site

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