by Adam Armstrong

Pure Storage Introduces Predictive Platform & 3D TLC Memory

Today Pure Storage announced innovations that are aimed at dramatically simplifying storage ownership. Pure is announcing a predictive customer support with Pure1 Global Insight, new 3D TLC NAND flash technology, and its FlashStack Converged Infrastructure now also includes solutions for Oracle and SAP. Pure States that these new innovations will increase customer loyalty and the simplicity will exceed expectations.

One problem with customer support across all industries is that typically one has to wait for something to go wrong and then attempt to fix it. The new Pure1 Global Insight is using cloud-based analytics technology to make customer support predictive versus reactive. This means support personnel will be able to contact customers to alert them of problems that can cause potential downtime and in turn avert said downtime. Pure1 Global Insight has a library it can cross-reference for known issues, configuration and environmental changes, and performance and capacity anomalies. Pure states that the program has already prevented several issues.

Key Principles of Pure1 support include:

  • An “our problem” mantra: Pure Storage gladly assumes the ownership burden in support, helping solve problems, even if they result from other vendors’ products;
  • Pure Storage initiates most tickets before a customer detects an issue thanks to cloud-based management, support and real-time data, aggregated from 1000s of FlashArrays to automate fault detection;
  • Bypassing Level 1 support: customers always reach live Pure Storage personnel who can help; and
  • Remotely managed upgrades: Pure Storage performs more than 90 percent of upgrades, saving customers’ time that often took away from their after hours or weekend schedules.

Another new innovation Pure is releasing today is the Capacity Planner. As the name implies, this innovation looks for patterns in capacity consumption and estimates when users need to purchase more capacity. This can help customers eliminate the risks of running out of capacity as well as lower costs by helping plan when capacity needs to be purchased.

Pure is adding 3D TLC NAND flash to the FlashArray//m product line. Customers can choose up to 44TB of raw capacity and can mix-and-match TLC and MLC flash in the same system. Purity FlashCare technology also ensures TLC has the same lifespan and performance as MLC flash. This new addition of 3D TLC NAND flash means that a fully scaled FlashArray//m system costs as low as $1.50/GB with all software included. In other words, this flash array will cost less than disks for certain workloads.

And finally Pure Storage announced that its converged infrastructure, FlashStack expands to the mission-critical application space with solutions for Oracle and SAP. FlashStack for Oracle consolidates transactional and data warehouse workloads into one CI solution that offloads compression, deduplication, and encryption from the database server, to make DBAs more efficient. Additionally, FlashStack for SAP provides a 4:1 average data reduction to traditional SAP ERP Landscapes and reduces time spent on common SAP administration tasks by up to 50%.


Predictive support, powered by the cloud-based Pure1 Global Insight is now available to every FlashArray model, Purity Operating Environment version, and support level. Pure Storage will begin shipping the 44TB 3D TLC Expansion Shelf in first quarter of 2016. Pure1 Capacity Planner is available instantly and at no additional cost to all Pure Storage customers.


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