by Lyle Smith

QLogic Announced the 2550100 Alliance for Migrating to 25Gb, 50Gb and 100Gb Technology

QLogic has unveiled the 2550100 Alliance, which is comprised of a group of server, storage, networking and software companies working together to systematically bring solutions to market based on new 25Gb, 50Gb and 100Gb Ethernet technology. The development of this technology was motivated by hyperscale cloud providers who needed a more economical solution between 10Gb and 40Gb.

Due to the benefits of 25Gb economics, Crehan Research predicts that shipments of 25Gb solutions to hyperscale and enterprise organizations is projected to reach one million ports faster than previous generations of high performance Ethernet. The goal of the 2550100 Alliance is to ensure that the learning, evaluation and implementation of 25Gb, 50Gb and 100Gb products is made easy for vendors, channel partners and IT organizations.

More specifically, the 2550100 Alliance was formed to facilitate collaboration in bringing solutions to market and is comprised of a set of programs designed to:

  • Assist hardware and software vendors with early access to 2550100 networking products, and to work together efficiently to develop solutions.
  • Assist channel partners with online and hands-on training, and with early access to 2550100 networking products, so they may guide their customers through the migration.
  • Assist IT professionals with education, hands-on training, and early access to 2550100 networking products needed to evaluate and deploy the new technology.

We’ve also recently seen the Ethernet Alliance’s layout a road map for the future of Ethernet technology and the various speeds we are likely to see in the coming years. 

2550100 website

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