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QLogic Begins Shipping Its Gen 6 32Gb FC Adapters

Today QLogic Inc. is announcing that it is currently shipping its new Gen 6, 32Gb Fibre Channel Adapters, the QLogic 2700 series.  According to QLogic its new series of adapters will enable greater virtualization density and improved database performance, combined with increased operational efficiency. QLogic is also announcing that its QLogic 2690 Series Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters have been augmented with new single and dual-port options.

The doom and gloom types like to say that Fibre Channel is going the way of the dodo. While its true that Fibre Channel isn't making any leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the field, it is holding fairly stable and even growing in emerging markets such as China. QLogic has been testing its Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters with OEMs since October of 2014 and found that these new adaptors accelerate enterprise applications, deliver a highly resilient infrastructure and optimize IT staff productivity.

Benefits and features include:

  • Accelerating Enterprise Applications
    • The new QLogic Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters deliver up to an 80% increase in I/O operations per second for typical database block sizes, reducing query times for large databases, and enabling more rapid business decision making when compared to Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel.
    • Delivering up to 2.6 million IOPS and 24,000MB per second of throughput, the new QLogic Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters are ideally suited for environments utilizing next generation flash-based storage. With a fully offloaded protocol stack, these adapters operate with the lowest CPU utilization of any block storage technology in the industry.
  • Delivering a Highly Resilient Infrastructure
    • QLogic StorFusion technology provides Forward Error Correction (FEC), which automatically corrects transmission errors and improves network resiliency.
    • Unique port isolation technology allows linear performance scaling across ports and increased reliability under adverse conditions.
    • Gen 6 Fibre Channel performance reduces backup windows allowing organizations to more effectively meet recovery time objectives.
  • Optimizing IT Staff Productivity
    • The new QLogic 2700 Series Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters deliver a suite of accelerated deployment and diagnostic features for improved SAN manageability, and end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for enhanced performance and improved service-level agreements (SLAs).
    • Leveraging software-defined, fabric assigned port worldwide name (FA-WWN) and Boot from SAN configurations, QLogic StorFusion technology can improve server deployment and replacement by up to 75 percent.
    • Full backward compatibility with two previous generations of Fibre Channel from software, tools and infrastructure perspective reduces the complexity of deploying, administering and managing the SAN, while supporting an incremental upgrade strategy


The QLogic 2700 Series Gen 6 Fibre Channel Adapters are available today in single, dual, and quad port options. 

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