by Lyle Smith

QLogic Controllers Chosen For HP's New FlexFabric Solution

QLogic has announced that it was selected for HP’s latest Virtual Connect FlexFabric Solution as a key enabler of the industry’s first 20Gb Ethernet connectivity. QLogic NetXtreme II Ethernet controllers are used with HP’s latest Virtual Connect FlexFabric adapters, which deliver the industry’s highest performing Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and iSCSI connectivity available.  This announcement marks the first new product and technology since QLogic’s recently acquired Broadcom Ethernet assets. QLogic Fibre Channel switching technology is embedded in HP’s latest Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules, which also support FCoE and iSCSI traffic. This combination of QLogic technologies in the HP FlexFabric architecture makes way for a high-performance, 20Gb Ethernet fabric, making it ideal for data center convergence and virtualization. 

QLogic technology in the HP FlexFabric architecture provides IT administrators with simplified, scalable and automated connectivity for virtualized compute, converged storage, and data using a common fabric. 20Gb Ethernet connectivity provides HP FlexFabric customers with optimal bandwidth to maximize data and storage networking performance.
In addition, QLogic’s NetXtreme II Ethernet controllers enable the HP FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 630FLB Adapter and the HP FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 630M Adapter, both of which provide 10Gb or 20Gb Converged Ethernet connectivity to HP BladeSystem servers. With HP’s Flex-20 technology, these new adapters efficiently boast twice the bandwidth of a 10Gb port, all the while reducing the management overhead associated with multiple 10Gb adapters. These adapters also offload FCoE and iSCSI traffic, which eliminates software overhead and reduces CPU cycles for improved performance. This results in simplifying server-to-networked storage connectivity.
QLogic switching technology enables the new HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 Module for c-Class BladeSystem. The new module boasts more than twice the throughput of previous generations with 20Gb downlinks and provides eight flex ports that can be dynamically configured to support Ethernet, Fibre Channel, iSCSI or FCoE. QLogic’s flex ports give HP’s Virtual Connect wire-once technology the ability to deliver the simplest method to connect servers and storage to the network, while new 40GbE uplinks in the FlexFabric-20/40 F8 module speed traffic from server-to-core.