by Adam Armstrong

QLogic Enables 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Across Fujitsu Enterprise Product Portfolio

Today QLogic announced that its 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel adapters are now shipping in Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers. The collaboration allows Fujitsu customers to deploy end-to-end Gen 5 SANs in combination with ETERNUS Gen 5 Fibre Channel disk storage systems. This collaboration is the latest with QLogic that is aimed at satisfying enterprise-class server and storage requirements, previous collaboration between QLogic and Brocade was aimed at increasing performance and simplifying management.

The QLogic FlexSuite adapters are equipped with QLogic I/OFlex technology allowing end-users to use the same hardware for 16Gb Fibre Channel or 10GbE connectivity. This technology also provides organizations with a future-proof approach to building highly agile infrastructure, protecting existing Fibre Channel investments and delivering an efficient and cost-effective path to network convergence. QLogic FlexSuite adapters are designed to meet the needs of rapidly evolving enterprises and to deliver increased agility by giving customers the versatility to handle any protocol, host, storage, or fabric from a single adapter platform.

Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST mission-critical servers provide "high-end server functionality at supercomputing-level performance with the flexibility and affordability associated with open systems." While Fujitsu PRIMERGY systems provide the "powerful and flexible data center solutions for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload." The 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel storage networking options will give the above systems the performance and features needed to drive virtualized data centers and cloud computing by tackling high-bandwidth, I/O-intensive applications while improving price-performance, lower power consumption, and supporting more VMs per server. And all QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel solutions are backward-compatible with 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel networks.

Gen 5 Fibre Channel solutions will eliminate throughput bottlenecks from host to storage giving Fujitsu customers the application performance and optimum I/O they need for advance computing environments. QLogic's Gen 5 Fibre Channel solutions are ideally suited to meet the requirements of advanced computing environments.

The QLogic 2600 series features include:

  • 16Gbps Fibre Channel per port
  • Over 1.2 million IOPS reduce latency
  • High availability
  • Decreased power and cooling costs
  • Overlapping protection domains
  • Superior port protection with unique “Port-Isolation” architecture
  • Two times better than 8Gb Fibre Channel for OLTP

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