by Adam Armstrong

QLogic’s 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel Now Available for EMC VNX Series

Today QLogic Corp announced that they are making their 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology available to order for EMC VNX Series of hybrid arrays. The collaboration between the two companies will increase levels of application performance, storage efficiency, and data availability for EMC customers. This is the latest in a string of collaborations aimed at satisfying enterprise-class server and storage requirements, previous collaboration between QLogic and Brocade and QLogic and Fujitsu.

EMC VNX Series of hybrid arrays was updated a little over a year ago with some pretty significant enhancements. Many of these enhancements were focused on enabling the VNX platform to make better use of flash taking advantage of EMC's FAST suite for caching and tiering. The VNX line uses the MCx multicore architecture enabling all services to be spread across all cores. EMC VNX Series is a unified storage platform that supports both block and file storage while balancing performance, reliability, and scalability requirements of virtualized data centers.

QLogic’s 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology claims industry leading native Fibre Channel performance. With over 1.2 million IOPS, reduced latency, high availability, and decreased power and cooling requirements, QLogic’s 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel enables organizations to improve price to performance. All QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel solutions are also backward compatible with 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel networks.

The combination of the two technologies allows customers to take advantage of both EMC VNX Series’ reliable storage solutions while using QLogic Gen 5 Fibre Channel to eliminate throughput bottlenecks. This would give EMC customers unprecedented application performance and optimum I/O.

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