by Adam Armstrong

QNAP Adds Teradici PCoIP Technology

QNAP Systems, Inc. announced that they have added support for Teradici PCoIP (PC-over-IP) technology. The company has also added Teradici Cloud Access Software that QNAP states will provide a secure, smooth and flexible end-to-end hybrid cloud solution. The addition of Teradici technology will give users a secure, remote way to access their Virtual Machines.

Teradici first developed the PCoIP protocol in 2007 in hardware form. The following year, after being licensed by VMware, Teradici began developing a software implementation of PCoIP, later used in VMware View 4. Now PCoIP is used to remotely work with on-premises or cloud-based virtual desktops or virtual workstations. Teradici PCoIP is known for delivering high-definition and responsive experiences, but it is also highly secure encrypting and transmitting only pixels to a broad range of software clients, thin clients and mobile clients. This technology can now be used on QNAP. QNAP’s Virtualization Station supports GPU pass-through that provides better performance for graphics and image processing, making it an ideal choice for PCoIP technology.

For those looking to leverage Teradici PCoIP technology on their QNAP NAS, they would need to purchase the appropriate Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses and install the PCoIP Client on their PC and PCoIP Agent on their VM. Once PCoIP is installed on the PC and VM, Cloud Access Connector in the cloud or on-prem environment and then specify a Domain Controller. Through the Teradici Cloud Access Manager service, an administrator can centrally and securely deploy, manage, and scale virtual desktops and virtual workstations.


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