by Lyle Smith

QNAP Demonstrates New NAS Solutions at the 2017 Photography Show

QNAP is set demonstrate a range of new NAS solutions at this year’s Photography Show on March 18 to March 21. These specific NAS models are designed to suit the needs of amateur and professional photographers involved with heavy image and video production.

QNAP NAS solutions on display include:

  • TVS-882T: This NAS is ideal for Mac users and features up to 20Gb/s in bandwidth for high-speed file transfers and 4K video editing.
  • TVS-473: Leveraging the AMD R-Series APU, this NAS provides viable backup or private cloud options for image creators. The TVS-473 also supports USB 3.1 10Gbps connectivity and 10GbE expandability for higher bandwidth and provides various backup applications such as volume and LUN snapshots, RTRR, Rsync and cloud storage backup.
  • TS-453A: This new NAS is equipped with advanced 8th-generation Intel HD Graphics, and supports 4K hardware decoding and 4K (H.264) video transcoding for a better multimedia experience.

QNAP will demonstrate other NAS solutions that meet diverse consumer needs for various media applications, including the TVS-1282T, TVS-882ST2 and TVS-1282ST3, the latter which is the latest addition to the company’s Thunderbolt 3 NAS portfolio. It is designed as a companion for the current-gen MacBook Pros and allows Thunderbolt-enabled computers to connect to 10GbE networks for wider application scenarios. The TS-431X and TS-1635 will also be demonstrated at the show. These devices are cost-effective 10GbE-enabled business NAS solutions ideal for media professionals who create huge amounts of HD media as a part of their daily workflows.


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