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QNAP ES1686dc NAS Released

QNAP has launched its newest network-attached storage (NAS) appliance, the ES1686dc. QNAP was founded in 2004 in Taiwan and primarily provides network-attached storage (NAS) appliances. The ES1686dc features dual active controllers with Intel Xeon Processors. Each controller has four 10GbE SFP+ LAN ports, eight RDIMM slots for up to 512 GB memory, two M.2 SSD slots for configuring SSD caching, and scalable design for up to 1 PB storage capacity.

QNAP ES1686dc

In terms of storage, ES1686dc has room for sixteen drives which can be either 12 Gb/s or 6 Gb/s SAS drives. QNAP also gives the option of replacing some of the SAS drives with lower cost SATA drives using their QDA-SA adapter. Two PCIe slots support 10GbE/ 40GbE network cards to boost virtualization, media streaming, and other bandwidth-demanding applications.

QNAP is aiming for near-zero downtime high availability with the ES1686dc. DRAM writes are battery protected to prevent power-loss from causing data corruption. The appliance supports VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix virtualization. In case something does bring down a virtualized application, the ES1686dc supports VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to offer enterprise-class remote backup & disaster recovery.

The ES1686dc runs QNAP’s QES 2.1.0 operating system. QES is optimized for all-flash storage arrays and provides both data reduction and inline data deduplication/compression. QES uses OpenZFS for its filesystem; OpenZFS is a continuation of Sun's ZFS file system which it first made open source in 2005.  ZFS file system provides a RAID-like redundant file system. Unlike most RAID software, ZFS has complete knowledge of both the physical disks and the virtual volumes, tThis gives it greater control than other systems designed to prevent data corruption. ZFS even has built-in support for snapshots and replication.

The ES1686dc will come in three flavors:

  • ES1686dc-2145NT-128G: Intel Xeon D-2145NT 8-core/16-threads 1.9 GHz processor (burst up to 3.0 GHz), 128 GB DDR4 ECC memory (64 GB per controller)
  • ES1686dc-2145NT-96G: Intel Xeon D-2145NT 8-core/16-threads 1.9 GHz processor (burst up to 3.0 GHz), 96 GB DDR4 ECC memory (48 GB per controller)
  • ES1686dc-2123IT-64G: Intel Xeon D-2123IT 4-core/8-threads 2.2 GHz processor (burst up to 3.0 GHz), 64 GB DDR4 ECC memory (32 GB per controller)



QNAP ES1686dc

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