by Lyle Smith

QNAP QES 2.1.0 Now Available

QNAP has released QNAP Enterprise Storage (QES) version 2.1.0 today, an operating system that brings cost-effective, flash-optimized storage technology for enterprise data centers and VDI environments. This update includes a slate of handy new features including QNAP’s exclusive Write Coalescing algorithm to optimize all-flash performance in ZFS, software-defined SSD optimization, inline compaction, iSER support, and more. QNAP’s enterprise storage OS focuses on performance, data protection and reduction, virtualization, and the compatibility with OpenStack cloud environments.

With the latest 2.1.0 update, QES leverages the new Write Coalescing algorithm, which gives drives an extra performance boost (QNAP indicates that their tests led to a 400% random write performance increase for their all-flash TES-3085U NAS). Its software-defined over-provisioning supports gives users the ability to allocate additional over-provisioning space to their SSDs and Storage Pools. QNAP believes this will help deal with write amplification, which degrades performance, while promoting a longer lifespan of SSDs.

QES 2.1.0 also focuses on ZFS-based data protection and disaster recovery with:

  • end-to-end checksums to detect and correct silent data corruption
  • near-unlimited snapshots for iSCSI LUN and shared folders
  • SnapSync to accelerate remote backups

In addition, QES-based QNAP NAS solutions support VMware, Microsoft and Citrix virtualization, while SnapSync also supports VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), which provides virtual applications with enterprise-class remote backup and disaster recovery. The newest version of QES now supports iSER, technology that enabled data to bypass general network drivers and the socket layer so that it directly enters memory buffers of the ESXi server and storage, to optimize VMware performance. It also supports OpenStack Cinder and Manila file sharing services.


QES 2.1.0 is now available for enterprise-class TES-3085U, TES-1885U and ES1640dc v2 NAS systems.

QES 2.1.0

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