by Adam Armstrong

QNAP Releases Virtualization Station

QNAP systems has announced the release of Virtualization Station, a virtualization operating platform for the Turbo NAS that allows multiple virtual machines (VMs) to be hosted on one Turbo NAS. Users can create isolated VMs o a single server and install different operating systems and applications.

Virtualization Station allows users to create isolated VMs that will be viewed as an independent PC that consumes dedicated CPU, memory, disk space and network resources without interrupting each other. Windows, UNIX, Linux, or even server-grade operating system can be flexibly installed to centralize server management enhancing IT efficiency. Virtualization Station is not only beneficial to businesses, but is also accessible to home users.

Key Benefits include:

  • The web-based management interface to provide greater convenience
  • Remote access
  • Reduce physical server maintenance
  • Operate VMs as remote desktops via web browsers for instant management or troubleshooting
  • Share desktop content to optimize VM utilization
  • No data used by a VM is transmitted externally
  • Supports multiple OS and VM formats


The Virtualization Station is available now in the App Center of the following Turbo NAS models: 

TS-ECx80 Pro, TS-ECx80U-RP, TS-ECx79U-RP, TS-x79U-RP, TS-ECx79U-SAS-RP, SS-ECx79U-SAS-RP, TS-x51, and TS/SS-x53 Pro series.

QNAP Virtualization Station Page

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