by Adam Armstrong

Quantum Announces StorNext 5.4

Today Quantum Corp. announced the latest version of its scale-out storage platform comprised of a wide range of advanced data management capabilities optimized for demanding workflows, StorNext 5.4. Version 5.4 will include the ability for customers to integrate their existing public cloud storage accounts (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) wand third-party object storage (NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cleversafe and Scality RING) as tiers in a StorNext-unified namespace . 5.4 also provides embedded application deployment in StorNext appliances.

With devices like GoPro cameras recording thousands of hours of 4K content smart home IoT devices like Nest thermostats, Phillip Hue lights, and August smart locks, unstructured data is being generated on a massive scale. The data that is being generated can be analyzed and leveraged to gain tremendous insights that could be massively beneficial for businesses. But in order to gain any value from this data it first has to be stored and then be accessible.

Deployed with more than 120,000 clients, StorNext has long been used as a way to capture bandwidth-intensive video, production, and distribution workflows. StorNext can be used for other data intensive workloads such as technical computing, big data analytics, video surveillance, real-time editing and manipulation of massive media datasets for entertainment, high-performance archive, and large-scale content repositories. Quantum states that StorNext is ideal for these use cases due to its automated, policy-based data management, heterogeneous OS support, multi-protocol support, and by having what the company claims is the fastest streaming file system performance in the industry.

StorNext 5.4 benefits include:

  • Seamless Cloud Integration – A new feature in StorNext Storage Manager enables users to move data into and out of their public cloud accounts and/or existing third-party object storage (private cloud), thereby extending their StorNext-managed, tiered storage environment, protecting prior investments and reducing the cost and complexity of cloud storage administration. StorNext 5.4 currently provides support for AWS (S3, Glacier, GovCloud, C2S) and Microsoft Azure and also offers a connection to the Google Cloud through standard S3 protocol. Augmenting Quantum’s own Lattus object storage, StorNext 5.4 includes support for NetApp StorageGRID, IBM Cleversafe and Scality RING, and Quantum plans to add integration for other object storage offerings.
  • Embedded Applications – Dynamic Application Environment is a virtual computing space on StorNext-powered Xcellis workflow storage appliances that enables applications to run within the high-performance, shared storage environment. By eliminating the need for dedicated servers and additional networking, the Dynamic Application Environment reduces the time, cost, and complexity of deploying and maintaining applications.
  • Expanded SSD Options – A new Xcellis configuration includes SSD-based metadata storage at a lower price for smaller deployments with high-performance requirements.


Quantum StorNext 5.4 is available now and currently shipping with all newly purchased Xcellis, StorNext M-Series and StorNext Pro Solutions offerings, as well as Artico archive appliances. Users with a current support contract can upgrade at no additional costs as well. 

StorNext 5.4

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