by Lyle Smith

Quantum DXi6900-S Enterprise Deduplication Appliance Now Available

Quantum has announced the availability of their DXi6900-S, the newest addition to their DXi6900 line of enterprise deduplication appliances designed for large, multi-site data protection environments. The DXi6900-S is stated as having two times the density and four times the sustained performance compared to any current DXi6900. Quantum adds that their newest model is the first deduplication appliance to feature 8TB self-encrypting drives with up to 544TB of useable space in 18U of rack space. This considerably reduces its physical footprint while consuming significantly less power.

Quantum indicates the following features of the DXi6900-S:

  • SSD Technology Yields 4X Performance Boost: DXi6900-S integrates the latest SSD technology to provide metadata storage and access, resulting in better performance during ingest, read, replication and space reclamation.
  • Unique DXi Software Capabilities: DXi software incorporates Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP), a unique technology that is more efficient than RAID for rebuilding hard drives. This provides the benefits of the 8TB HDDs without sacrificing performance or availability.
  • New Software Features for Large Enterprises: The latest version of Quantum's DXi software also integrates with a new plug-in for Oracle RMAN, reducing network traffic and creating higher performance. The combined solution can complete full backups in a fraction of the time typically needed and makes multiple image backups available to the Oracle Database Appliance.


The DXi6900-S, as well as the newest DXi software, is now available. Quantum’s new DXi software will also be available as an upgrade for existing DXi6900 and DXi4700 customers in the near future.

Quantum DXi6900 Series

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