by Michael Rink

Quantum Introduces Converged Tape Appliance For Veeam Environments

Quantum today announced the availability of a new converged tape appliance designed to simplify creating tape backups in a Veeam environment. The solution is available as a single SKU, making it easier to purchase and implement a tape library platform optimized for Veeam backups. The Quantum converged tape appliance offers both a Veeam tape server and a tape library rack unit, this will allow small to large companies to add tape backup capabilities painlessly.

Historically, creating tape backups with Veeam Backup and Replication required a dedicated external physical server to host the Veeam tape server. Quantum addressed this challenge by building a blade server directly into its Scalar i3 tape library platform. This approach eliminates the need to size, configure, procure and set up a dedicated external server, making it easier for end users to create tape backups in a Veeam environment. Users gain the benefits of tape for protecting against ransomware without complication. The converged appliance is offered as a single line item SKU, making it easier for VARs and distributors to provide a simple, one-stop solution for their customers.

The new converged appliance also has 2 1Gb/10Gb ports on the back. In addition to the Ethernet ports, it also has a SAS connection to help support 1 to 12 more tape drives. It can scale cartridge slots from 25 up to 200, in 25-slot increments with Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) software licensing, increasing compressed LTO-8 capacity from 750 TB up to 6 PB. Scalar i3 also supports from 1 to 12 tape drives, allowing users to balance read/write performance as needed. 

Quantum’s converged tape appliance continues a history of integration with Veeam.  Quantum’s DXi deduplication appliances introduced integration with Veeam, embedding Veeam Data Mover to help customers restore any file, application, and virtual server from DXi appliances. Quantum’s multi-tiered storage portfolio of hybrid storage, deduplication appliances, object storage and tape complement the capabilities Veeam has introduced with the latest Veeam Availability Suite.


Converged tape appliances for Veeam environments are available today.


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