by Adam Armstrong

Quantum & Komprise Announce First Scale-Out Data Management Service

Today both Quantum Corp. and Komprise, Inc. announced their new joint solution enabling companies to cope with exponential data growth within tight budgets by integrating archive storage into their active workflow. In order to achieve this integration the two companies are combining Komprise Data Management software and service with Quantum Lattus object storage or Artico active archive solutions. This combination is said to deliver scalable capacity, moving data without disrupting users or applications.

Data sprawl is seen by many to be a serious issue. Data is growing with no end in sight and budgets to deal with this growth remain flat. Not only will the new joint-solution have scale-out efficiency with modern simplicity, on-demand scaling, and data-aware automation to help tackle data sprawl, it will also include embedded ROI analysis. This analysis will help customers to see and understand when new storage will hit specific ROI targets.

As stated this scale-out data management service is the combination of either Quantum’s Lattus or Artico solutions. Lattus is an extended online storage offering that can scale to hundreds of petabytes, has self-healing protection from data loss, easily integrates with existing workflows, and reduces capital and operating costs. Artico is an active archive solution that automates tiering to either tape or private and/or public cloud to hit specific performance and cost.

The other part of the equation is Komprise’s data management software. This software can transparently manage data across storage infrastructures. The software and automatically and transparent find cooling data and move it to Quantum’s capacity storage. Users will be able to continue to access this data without making any changes to their processes. Komprise virtual appliance can deploy in minutes and offer insights into existing storage. Komprise claims that in as little as 15 minutes customers can gain a great deal of insight into their existing data as well as learning about ROI they can achieve by moving less active data to Quantum storage. The companies claim that this joint solution can save customers as much as 70% of the typical cost of storage. 

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