by Adam Armstrong

Quantum Q-Cloud Protect Now Available In The Amazon Marketplace

Today Quantum Corp. announced that its virtual deduplication appliance, Q-Cloud, is now available as a cloud-based appliance running on top of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.  Companies can use Q-Cloud with Quantum DXi systems giving them a hybrid-cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution.

All companies need a disaster recovery plan. The best practice is to keep offsite copies of their data, however cost can prohibitive. Instead of sending tapes offsite for DR companies can look to the cloud as an alternative. And that is where Q-Cloud comes in, helping small companies protect their data from disaster without the costs of offsite storage.

Benefits include:

  • Protect Critical Data in an Amazon Datacenter: A best practice for data protection is to store a copy of data 100 miles from the primary datacenter.  With Q-Cloud Protect, data can be stored in deduplicated form in one of Amazon’s datacenters and recovered in the event of a disaster
  • Cut Capital Expenses with Predictable, Metered Pricing: Q-Cloud Protect is the first purpose-built virtual deduplication appliance available in Amazon Marketplace.  It is licensed on an hourly-basis, enabling customers to pay only for the cloud resources they use as their system grows, cutting capital expenses.
  • Reduce Cloud Storage and Data Transmission Costs: Q-Cloud Protect uses Quantum’s patented variable-length deduplication and replication engine to replicate data from an on-premise deduplication appliance to Q-Cloud Protect, cutting both storage costs and data transmission costs by 90% or more. The result is fast replication at a low TCO, and customers gain the ability to restore their data straight from the cloud in a DR scenario.
  • Eliminate Offsite Tape Vaulting and Improve Restore Times: Q-Cloud Protect provides deduplicated offsite storage in Amazon’s cloud, protecting businesses against localized disasters, and offers a simple alternative to sending tapes offsite for DR. 


Q-Cloud Protect is available today in the Amazon Public Marketplace, and is expected to be soon available in the Amazon GovCloud and C2S environments.

Quantum Q-Cloud

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