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Quantum Unveils Its Enterprise-Class Xcellis Scale-Out NAS

Today Quantum Corp. announced what it is calling the industry’s first workflow storage appliance to provide the management capabilities and robust features of enterprise scale-out NAS with the cost-effective scaling organizations need to address modern data growth, Xcellis Scale-Out NAS. Without giving numbers, Quantum stated that the new Xcellis NAS could more than triple performance of similar competing enterprise NAS at 1/10 the price. The combination of performance, price, and enterprise features are aimed at organizations where revenue and products are all built around data.

Enterprise NAS have been the go to for storage over the last few years, allowing for many useful features that organizations need. However, needs and workloads have been evolving and out growing the traditional enterprise NAS having users look more toward scale-out NAS. And again, there are issues with this. Current use cases and workloads such as IoT, design, life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, video surveillance, and enterprise HPC environments just don’t have the support they need. The data for the above-mentioned environments continues to grow on every axis. Not only will it need to be stored in a cost-effective manner, but it will have to scale capacity and performance along the way.

Quantum’s new Xcellis Scale-Out NAS aims to address the above issues. The new NAS leverages Quantum’s StorNext parallel file system and data management platform. According to the company, it is also the only NAS solution that comes with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, thus enabling customers to create more value from new and existing data. The AI will help users by actively interrogating data across multiple axes to uncover events, objects, faces, words and sentiments, automatically generating custom metadata that unlocks new possibilities for using stored assets.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-Effective Scaling of Performance & Capacity: Clusters can scale performance and capacity together or independently to reach 100s of petabytes in capacity and terabytes per second in performance.  A single client (SMB, NFS or high-performance client) can achieve over 3X the performance of competitive scale-out NAS offerings with multiple clients scaling a single cluster’s bandwidth to over a terabyte per second. In addition, Xcellis has been shown to manage petabytes of data in a simplified workflow incorporating tape or cloud that provides greater performance than leading NAS-only alternatives for as little as a tenth of the cost.
  • Advanced Features and Flexible Management: With simple installation and setup, a modern administrative single-screen interface provides in-depth monitoring, alerting and management functions as well as rapid scanning and search capabilities that tame large data repositories.  Xcellis Scale-Out NAS is designed to integrate with the highest performance Ethernet networks through SMB and NFS interfaces and offers the flexibility to also support high-performance block storage in the same converged solution.
  • Lifecycle, Location and Cost Management: Xcellis Scale-Out NAS leverages more than 15 years of data management experience built into StorNext.  Xcellis data management provides automatic tiering between SSD, disk, tape, object storage and public cloud.  Copies can be created for content distribution, collaboration, data protection and disaster recovery.

Availability and Pricing

Xcellis Scale-out NAS will be generally available this month with entry configurations and those leveraging tiering starting at under $100 per terabyte (raw).

Quantum Xcellis

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