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Qumulo Introduces Three Flash-Centric Platforms

Today Qumulo is releasing one new flash-centric hardware platform and announcing two others that will be out next month. At the same time, they’re also announcing software updates that improve their write performance by up to 40% on all-flash platforms like their new hardware. Qumulo was founded in 2012 and primarily provides hybrid cloud products.

New Qumulo Products

Qumulo is releasing the first of their three new products, the C-168T, immediately. Qumulo C-168T is an SSD/disk hybrid intended for mixed workloads that need to balance cost-effectiveness with high-performance reads and writes. It has 168TB of raw disk storage and a 3.8TB SSD cache. It supports up to 25GbE for networking. All of this fits in just a 1U form factor.

Qumulo Arrays

The second of the three new products is the K-168T which is slated to be released July 9th. Like the C-168T, Qumulo’s K-168T is an SSD/disk hybrid. The K-168T provides the same 168TB of raw disk storage but only has 2.8TB of SSD cache. It is also much slower than its older brother (though likely more cost effective), with support of only up to 10GbE. It does still fit in a 1U form factor.

The third and final of the new products is certainly not the least. Qumulo's P-148T comes in a 2U form factor. With twice the space of the other new models, Qumulo really beefed up the network support. The P-148T uses 100GbE to provide up to 225GB/sec of throughput in a single cluster. Raw storage has gotten a slight bump in capacity as well, up to 184TB. The real key advantage though is that this product is all-flash for significantly higher speeds.

Qumulo OS 2.12.4

Qumulo is also releasing a new version of their software today, version 2.12.4. 2.12.4 can deliver up to a 40% increase in write performance for their all-flash devices. The software is available as an upgrade to currently deployed P-23T and P-92T nodes as well as being installed on the P-148T when it is released next month. Gains in read performance are less dramatic, but there Qumulo continues to tweak their predictive caching to help move data to the fastest media available. The new software also includes an update to Qumulo’s real-time analytics to illustrate how much capacity is being consumed by storage, snapshots, and metadata.


Version 2.12.4 - Immediately
Qumulo C-168T – Immediately
Qumulo K-168T - July 9th
Qumulo P-184T - July 23rd

Qumulo Products 

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