by Adam Armstrong

Rackspace Announces GA Of Private Cloud Powered By VMware

Today Rackspace announced that its Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware in generally available. Aside from being generally available today, the company is also announcing that the solution will now be built on VMware Cloud Foundation. This new solution can aide customers as they move to the cloud by now enabling them to use the newest VMware capabilities. It will also enable full software defined data center capabilities such as compute, storage, and networking spanning private and public clouds.

Though I don’t believe we have directly covered it in the past, the VMware Cloud Foundation is designed to accelerate an organization’s time-to-market through a factory-integrated cloud infrastructure stack that is simple to use and includes a complete set of software-defined services for compute, storage, networking and security. Rackspace has taking this one step farther with its Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware. This new solution will help companies take their VMware deployments and maximize them by helping to build, operate, and optimize customers’ physical and virtual infrastructure. This in turn will free up IT resources from day-to-day infrastructure management, leaving them to focus on the company’s core business instead.

Benefits include:

  • Standardized Architecture: Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware is built on VMware Validated Designs, which are based on best practices, making deployments more predictable and lower risk.
  • Continuous Updates and Lifecycle Management: Continuous updates allow for the most up-to-date VMware capabilities through lifecycle management of VMware components, thereby helping to improve users’ security posture.
  • Leverage Existing VMware Investments: Users leverage the control, flexibility and choice needed to run VMware as easily as they would in their own data center. IT departments can migrate or extend to the VMware cloud with consistent tooling and skills. Consistent infrastructure architecture can be leveraged across multiple locations without the need to refactor code. Mutual customers maintain value of existing investments made in training, VMware technology and familiar tools by accelerating adoption of software-defined infrastructure.
  • Offload Physical and Virtual Infrastructure Operations: Rackspace delivers a hosted model, which eliminates many of the procurement and integration challenges that IT organizations face in their own data centers. Mutual customers also benefit from the ability to scale their solution quickly and as needed without the need for significant upfront capex investments in data centers and hardware.
  • Managed by Rackspace, Powered by VMware: With Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, customers have access to Fanatical Support provided 24x7x365 from more than 150 VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) to help migrate, architect, secure and operate Rackspace hosted clouds powered by VMware technologies.

Rackspace is one of the largest global providers in the VMware Cloud Provider Program and has partnered with VMware for more than 10 years delivering valuable solutions for mutual customers.


Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, now built on VMware Cloud Foundation, is generally available now in all regions.

Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, now built on VMware Cloud

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