by Adam Armstrong

Rackspace Launches Colocation Services

Today Rackspace launched its new service that allows customers to deploy their hardware of choice in Rackspace data centers, Rackspace Colocation. This new service aims to support companies on their digital transformations while reducing TCO. At the same time, Rackspace claims that this service will also improve scalability, strengthen disaster recovery capabilities, reduce application latency, and help IT meet security and compliance requirements.

As more organizations look for a way to move to the cloud, colocation seems to be an attractive option. Leverage colocation solutions allows for financial benefits as well as the ability to achieve geographic diversity that in turn can lower latency and increase DR opportunities. Organizations can reap these benefits without decommissioning their existing infrastructure, instead they can “lift and shift” mission critical applications into Rackspace data centers. This allows customers to combine colocation hardware with managed services like Rackspace Managed Backup.

Key features include:

  • Improved Capacity Planning – Simplified pricing allows customers to reserve the power their devices require by the kilowatt.
  • Seamless Cross Connects – Customers can seamlessly scale into the public cloud, private cloud, managed hosting, third-party data center or Rackspace hosted environment with flexible connectivity solutions.
  • “Smart Hands” Service Guarantee –  Rackspace delivers a hands-on hardware service, which guarantees a response to a customer’s request within an hour and to complete the work within 24 hours.
  • Enhanced Security and Reliability – Rackspace offers a portfolio of secure, reliable data centers, which are all concurrently maintainable with at least N+1 redundancy across critical electrical and mechanical systems. These facilities also feature multiple security protocol, making Rackspace data centers among the most advanced in the industry.
  • Robust Public Cloud Ecosystem – Rackspace not only establishes direct connections between colocation customers and the top four public clouds via RackConnect, it can also facilitate the migration of workloads to those platforms and fully manage them.


Rackspace Colocation solution is now in general availability.

Rackspace Colocation 

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