by Adam Armstrong

Rackspace Launches Comprehensive Kubernetes-as-a-Service Solution

Today Rackspace announced its highly-available managed service aiming to accelerate digital transformations through leveraging container technology, Kubernetes-as-a-Service. This new offering allows organizations to accelerate their digital transformations through the consumption of Kubernetes-as-a-Service across all leading public and private cloud platforms. This could aide with multi-cloud strategies, modernizing application development, and accelerates time to market, while reducing costs up to 50%.

Container adoption is soaring with Kubernetes leading the way in container orchestration technology for managing production workloads. While Kubernetes is extremely valuable they do take expertise to leverage effectively. Rackspace’s new Kubernetes-as-a-Service allows organizations to reap the benefits of Kubernetes without the resource investment in learning them. Rackspace offers operations management and support for the entire technology stack, from the hardware to the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Kubernetes, including the containers and cluster application services such as monitoring, logging, analytics and other functions.   

Benefits include:

  • Transforming “Day 2” Operations: Rackspace helps ensure the successful transformation to container-based workloads.  In addition to getting customers up and running quickly and easily, Rackspace goes a step further by managing ongoing “Day 2” operations for customers, including updates, zero downtime upgrades, patching and security hardening for Kubernetes, all managed cluster services and the node operating system.  These operations are the lynchpin to realize success with containers, and require extensive skill and experience to implement successfully in production.
  • Superior Economics: Customers can save up to 50 percent with Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service versus operating it themselves. Customers have options to better predict and control costs, consume the service primarily in an opex or capex model, and the ability to locate the servers and storage wherever they’re needed, including in the customer data center, Rackspace data center, third party colocation facility, and soon, in leading public clouds. 
  • Making Multi-Cloud a Reality.  Customers can deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters across private and public clouds, using a single management platform for Kubernetes clusters spanning multiple cloud platforms. Rackspace operates this, insulating the customer from the complexity inherent in spanning multiple clouds.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: From the infrastructure to the cluster itself, including the containers running inside the cluster and additional services required to run the application, Rackspace has the people, processes and technology in place to help customers meet security, compliance and data sovereignty needs.  


Kubernetes-as-a-Service is available on Rackspace Private Cloud in all regions today.


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