by Adam Armstrong

Ravello Moves VMware Data Center & ESXi Labs Into AWS & Google Cloud

Today Ravello Systems made two announcements around VMware environments running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and in Google Cloud Platform. Ravello is announcing the general availability of InceptionSX that grants the ability to run the ESXi hypervisor in AWS and Google Cloud. Ravello is also unveiling InfinityDC, which allows companies to spin up an isolated capsule of a VMware environment within AWS and Google Cloud.

Ravello has been beta testing InceptionSX for over four months by over 1,200 users. Those 1,200 plus users had more than one million ESXi CPU hours run and 25,000 ESXi labs published. Labs were created in AWS and Google Cloud for several VMware products such as vSphere, vCenter, NSX, VSAN, vRealize Operations as well as for other partner products in the VMware ecosystem including Catalogic, Actifio, Veeam, vArmour, Netapp, EMC, Infinio and Nexenta. InceptionSX will help VMware customers, resellers, and technology partners by enabling multi-node VMware ESXi lab environments on demand, for development, testing, training, demos, proofs of concept, and evaluations, they no longer need to wait on hardware.

The technology of InceptionSX helped with the development of Ravello’s other announcement, InfinityDC. InfinityDC enables businesses to run as many VMware ESXi nodes as needed within AWS or Google Cloud and is managed through their local vCenter. Ravello claims that this environments can be spun up in as little as 5 minutes and they support using vMotion for live migration from an existing data center to the new cloud based data center. This technology allows organizations to expand and contract their VMware data center capacity. No longer will companies have to overprovision to account for burst performance.

Availability and pricing

Ravello InceptionSX and InfinityDC are available now, delivered as a service, with pricing starting at $0.14 per hour.

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