by Adam Armstrong

Red Hat Announces Container-Native Storage 3.6

Today Red Hat Inc. announced its new solution supporting containerized applications and infrastructure in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform clusters, Red Hat Container-Native Storage 3.6. The latest version of Container-Native Storage comes right after the announcement of the companies enterprise-grade Kubernetes container application platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.6. Red Hat states that the new Container-Native Storage will see a three-fold increase in persistent storage volumes per cluster.

Built on Red Hat Gluster Storage and integrated with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat Container-Native Storage uniquely serves storage out of containers. The idea behind Container-Native Storage is to eliminate the need for an independent storage platform and thus enable customers to achieve one integrated container platform that can span the hybrid cloud with greater efficiency and cost savings, a streamlined user experience, single control plane and a single point of support. Red Hat goes on to say that its new Container-Native Storage can address the challenges that moving container-based applications cause in traditional storage architectures. Red Hat’s software-defined container-native storage overcomes the limitations of traditional storage architectures to help unlock the full potential of containers.

Features include:

  • Versatile storage platform for containers enabling customers to manage, scale, and upgrade their storage needs using a single control plane helping customers to achieve greater storage efficiency and cost savings. Red Hat Container-Native Storage now offers support for file, block, and object interfaces, enabling container applications portability to the container platform without change. The addition of block storage (via iSCSI) provides support for distributed databases and other low-latency workloads like Elasticsearch, while the addition of object storage (under Technology Preview) provides an embedded object store within Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for cloud-native applications needing Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) like protocol support.
  • Support for all core infrastructure elements of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, including its registry, logging, and metrics. Support for these core components enables storage administrators to have Red Hat Container-Native Storage for infrastructure out-of-the-box, without needing to use disparate storage systems for different infrastructure aspects and have one integrated platform with simplified management, procurement, and support.
  • Three-fold increase in the number of applications and microservices deployed on a single storage cluster. Increased persistent volume density offers customers greater resource utilization.


Red Hat Container-Native Storage 3.6 will be available later this month.

Red Hat Container-Native Storage

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