by Michael Rink

Red Hat Releases OpenStack Platform 15

Today Red Hat released Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15, the latest version of its cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. Based on the OpenStack community’s “Stein” release, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 adds performance improvements, cloud security enhancements, and expands the platform’s ecosystem of supported hardware. Stein was released just a few months ago, in April. Getting OpenStack Platform 15 out so soon afterward is an impressively quick turnaround for enterprise-grade software. 

Most of the improvements in this OpenStack Platform 15 look to be security related, although several straddle the line between security and performance. OpenStack 15 does provide support for NVIDIA GPU/vGPUs to support the growing market demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads. One of the bigger performance wins comes through improved crypto offload for IPSec VPN to NICs, allowing companies to implement robust security while retaining better network performance. Another improvement which straddles the line between a security and performance improvement is the enhanced TCP stack which should improve application uptime as well as workload security. Another source of potential performance gain is increased backend support for dedicated hardware cryptographic solutions offering more secure messaging while freeing up more flexible system resources.

Red Hat OpenStack is expected to be supported for only one year. For Now, Red Hat is expecting this will make it the final short-life release, with all later releases intended to be long-life releases with longer, three-year support periods.


Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 will be available in the coming days via the Red Hat Customer Portal for Red Hat OpenStack Platform customers with active subscriptions.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

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