by Michael Rink

Reduxio Magellan Starting Customer Evaluation

Today Reduxio announced that they were beginning customer evaluations of their Magellan Cloud Data Platform and plan for it to be generally available in the fall of 2019. Reduxio was founded six years ago in 2019 and since then has focused on providing data management and protection services. 

Reduxio’s Magellan Cloud Data Platform is container-native and designed with Kubernetes in mind. Magellan Cloud Data Platform combines new patent-pending IP for data mobility that allows enterprises to unify multiple infrastructure islands into a single data cloud for applications with Reduxio’s current data management capabilities in a microservices-based platform. As a container-native, software-only solution built on a microservices architecture, Reduxio Magellan can deliver the portability and scalability cloud-native applications require, eliminating expensive and inefficient infrastructure that obviates the very portability advantage that drove teams to adopt containers. Reduxio hopes their new platform will help organizations overcome limitations in data and application portability and mobility.

As part of its strategy to enable the cloud-native ecosystem, Reduxio has joined the Linux Foundation, which we covered recently, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Reduxio is working with select customers and partners as part of its early-access evaluation program, engaging organizations that are looking to use Kubernetes and stateful containers in production and develop innovative ways to deploy modernized applications in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Reduxio is also partnering with select Cloud Service Providers to improve the efficiency and economics of their infrastructure and enable them to expand their service offerings. You can get an early look at this new container-native data platform at Reduxio’s booth at KubeCon-Barcelona May 20th - 23rd. 


Customer Evaluation – Immediately

General Availability – Fall 2019


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