by Adam Armstrong

Reduxio Systems Unveils Reduxio V3

Today Reduxio Systems unveiled what it is calling the world’s first unified primary and secondary storage platform with built-in disaster recovery (DR) and copy data management capabilities, Reduxio V3. The latest version is a step toward a highly available, self-healing, and self-recovering system designed to deliver near-zero RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective). While that seems like a pretty tall order, Reduxio goes on to state that the latest version will simplify the data protection process while providing built-in data replication for disaster recovery.

The ability to recover data is paramount to most all organizations. However, according to IDC, nearly two-thirds of organizations they surveyed felt as thought they were not fully confident that they could recover their data in the event of a significant disaster. IDC also found that the most common target for RPO is one hour, and the most common target for RTO is four hours. Finding just one product to hit this service level requirement is not an easy task to say the least. This is where Reduxio is looking to make improvements.

Expanding on V2’s flash-based architecture, V3 enables users to near instantly recover data from any second in time by unifying previously separate capabilities with built-in disaster recovery and copy data management, through Reduxio’s patented TimeOS operating system. The company has recently introduced storage service that enable enterprises to address the Performance versus Capacity tradeoff, as well as solve other data management challenges, such as building advanced data protection directly into storage.

New and existing Reduxio V3 features and capabilities include:

  • NoRestore provides near-zero RPO /RTO data protection with instant restore ability for systems with >100TB
  • NoMigrate delivers instant data migration and data mobility technology built directly into TimeOS
  • Backdating makes snapshots obsolete with one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes
  • NoDup stores 7X more data with in-line, in-memory global deduplication and compression with unparalleled storage efficiency and density
  • Tier-X offers continuous autonomous multi-level tiering, integrating flash and disk in a single storage pool
  • StorSense is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) support infrastructure for collecting and processing data reported from Reduxio systems

From an ease-of-use standpoint, the Reduxio V3 UI uses HTML-5. The UI also enables drag-and-drop widgets to create a customized dashboard, a global search feature, point-in-time restore, set policies from the dashboard, and instant restore of virtual machine images, making it particularly well suited to VDI implementations.


Reduxio V3 is available now. 

Reduxio main site

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