Power Management Reviews
by Mark Kidd

Eaton Advanced Monitored ePDU Review (eAM001)

Eaton’s Advanced Monitored family of ePDUs are designed to allow administrators to remotely monitor the power usage of individual outlets or sections over the network. Out-of-the-box web monitoring is built into the ePDU, and SNMP allows integration with third-party management systems. The eAM001 Advanced Monitored ePDU brings 20 C13 outlets and 4 C19 outlets to the StorageReview Enterprise Test Lab with outlet-level monitoring over the network. The eAM001 allows a maximum draw of 5.8kW, providing plenty of power to servers, storage and networking equipment in our 42U Eaton S-Series Rack.

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by Lyle Smith

StorageReview Enterprise Testing Environment: Eaton 5PX UPS Review

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical device that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails. The main reasons to invest in a UPS is to protect your assets which can include both hardware and in many cases data. At StorageReview, we rely heavily on hardware and data in our testing environment; including both the hardware we are testing, the servers and connected equipment we use for testing, and above all else our results gained through testing. To protect our Enterprise Testing Environment, we turned to Eaton for their 5PX-2200RT UPS.

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