by Michael Rink

Riverbed Announces SaaS & SD-WAN Enhancements

Today Riverbed announced the latest release of its Digital Performance Platform. This release delivers a service designed to boost the performance of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications they named “SaaS Accelerator.” At the same time, Riverbed also announced enhancements to enterprise SD-WAN and Digital Experience Management (DEM) solutions.

Riverbed SaaS Accelerator is intended to be a complete SaaS performance management as a service solution. Riverbed SaaS Accelerator allows companies to directly measure and monitor the performance of SaaS-based enterprise applications like Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Box in real time. It also provides options for boosting the performance of slow services by as much as ten times. Riverbed SaaS Accelerator was designed with a distributed workforce in mind so it should still provide a good experience for companies even if their employees are mostly remote. Riverbed also offers tools to help companies with a security posture that requires all SaaS traffic to be backhauled through a corporate data center.Through Riverbed’s End User Experience Monitoring (SteelCentral Aternity) customers can monitor at scale and manage SaaS performance globally.

Riverbed also announced enhancements to its SD-WAN solution (SteelConnect and SteelHead SD). SteelConnect and SteelHead SD already provide a single unified connectivity fabric across the entire distributed enterprise network with embedded security, optimization, and visibility. The new enhancements include better multi-cloud automation, enhanced service-chaining for on-premises and cloud-based security services, and increased flexibility to deploy and manage SD-WAN in complex global environments. 


Riverbed SaaS Accelerator - Immediately


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