by Adam Armstrong

Riverbed Announces SteelFusion 5.0

Today Riverbed Technology announced the latest release its branch converged infrastructure solution, SteelFusion 5.0. The latest version adds support for NAS storage giving users even more flexibility. Along with NAS storage support, SteelFusion 5.0 also adds hyper-converged and NFS storage capabilities from the data center to the edge.

Riverbed’s SteelFusion now has over 1,000 customers and, according to Riverbed, is the only solution which provides the ability to “project” storage assets from data centers or from the cloud out to remote business locations. SteelFusion can help organizations reduce the cost and lower security risks for managing islands of remote storage and backup infrastructure. The latest update extends these abilities by adding the flexibility to project file, block, and object storage to edge locations.

Key IT benefits of SteelFusion 5.0 include:

  • Flexibility: SteelFusion 5.0 offers flexibility by supporting all storage protocols in the datacenter or cloud and extending them all the way to the edge with a consistent, centralized operating model
  • Agility, Centralization and Efficiency: SteelFusion improves business agility by minimizing edge infrastructure, centralizing and accelerating all edge IT operations, and extending current or future datacenter and cloud IT investments in storage, virtualization, backup and IT staff to any location in the business.
  • Data Security and Compliance: SteelFusion 5.0 mitigates the risk associated with remotely stored data by centralizing all data either in datacenters or in the cloud, without compromising application performance at edge locations. All data is encrypted at rest and in motion with SteelFusion.
  • Business Continuity: By centralizing data and backup processes, concerns over data loss are eliminated with near real-time RPO. And with industry-leading SteelHead WAN Optimization pre-embedded in the solution, accelerating the ability to deploy services and application sets over distance, disaster recovery readiness and RTO dramatically improves with SteelFusion.
  • Performance: SteelFusion offers the ability to centralize remote data in the datacenter or cloud, with a significantly reduced edge footprint and without any compromise to remote application performance.

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