by Adam Armstrong

Riverbed Supports VMware vSphere 6 With SteelFusion 4.2

Today Riverbed Technology announced that it would be updating its branch converged infrastructure solution, SteelFusion with version 4.2. The previous update consolidated all physical IT assets at the branch level into “zero branch IT.” This update will now support VMware vSphere 6.

With roughly half of all employees in remote offices and branch offices (ROBO), IT has the headache of maintaining these sites and keeping the data safe, not to mention half of their budget also going into this security and maintenance. When SteelFusion updated to version 4.0 it consolidated all physical IT assets and data at ROBO sites to where it can be managed centrally and simply. In fact, Riverbed stated that the management would be as simple as accessing apps and data on a smartphone. This enables IT to extend the security, resiliency and efficiency of infrastructure managed in centralized data centers out to every remote location where business is conducted – including regional offices, local stores, banks, manufacturing plants, hospitals, government centers, law firms and other locations – resulting in greater agility, less risk and reduced costs to the business. 

Today’s update announcement provides the above benefits plus it will give VMware customers the unique ability to provision new branch services and sites with ease and agility, directly from a centralized data center without affecting user experience in remote locations. Both companies' ROBO customers can potentially see a benefit from this updates.

Other benefits of SteelFusion:

  • Control data in the datacenter, removing sensitive information from high-risk locations
  • Render data on stolen appliances or drives inaccessible without admin authentication
  • Ensure data at rest is safe using AES 256-bit encryption, compliant with HIPAA and Top Secret standards
  • Protect data in-flight with industry-standard SSL or IPSEC encryption
  • Reduce risk by maintaining only a limited set of active data blocks at remote locations
  • Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Improves visibility with application, network, and end user monitoring
  • Dynamically selects the best application path based on business intent and network availability
  • Reduce data loss with near real-time synchronization of data to the datacenter
  • Rapidly recover from disasters by projecting VMs from the datacenter to the branch
  • Start VMs in the datacenter when remote locations experience or expect interruption
  • Centralize data protection to bene t from mature enterprise-class practices
  • Eliminate the need to purchase, install, and manage dedicated branch backup solutions
  • Enable work to continue uninterrupted by maintaining local access to VMs and data even if the WAN link is down


SteelFusion 4.2 is expected to be available this month.


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