by Michael Rink

Rubrik Announces Cloud Data Management for NetApp StorageGRID

Today, Rubrik announced a new joint solution in collaboration with NetApp, Rubrik Cloud Data Management for NetApp StorageGRID. Or to say that another way, companies can now use Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management software on NetApp object stores. StorageGrid is NetApp's software-defined object storage solution for large archives, media repositories, and web data stores. Rubrik's core product is its Cloud Data Management software and appliances.

Customers using the joint solution will be able to use both Cloud Data Management and StorageGRIDs policy engines to simplify data management, backup, and recovery. Speaking of data management, with the new collaboration, IT teams should find it easier to migrate data between the two ecosystems. Once data has been moved into StorageGRID, NetApp provides a solid suite of tools and supports industry-standard object APIs to move data anywhere in the cloud. Complimenting these capabilities, Rubrik’s Cloud Management software provides solid tools to move data from the edge or on-premise.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management

NetApp StorageGRID

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