by Josh Shaman

Samsung 3D V-NAND SSD Announced

Samsung is announcing the first SSD based on its 3D V-NAND technology which is designed for enterprise server and data center applications. The announcement has been made at the Flash Memory Summit in which we are participating. The new V-NAND SSD will ship in 960GB and 480GB capacities. The 960GB V-NAND SSD interfaces over SATA 6Gb/s and utilizes 64 dies of MLC 3D V-NAND flash at 128Gb of storage to provide an increase of greater than 20% in sequential and random write speeds. Perhaps even more significant to organizations that adopt the new technology, the new V-NAND SSD offers 35K program erase cycles.

As we noted in our initial coverage when Samsung recently announced its 3D V-NAND technology, its implementation works as the technology vertically stacks the planar cell layers into a 3D structure. The 3D cell array comprises 24 layers which are linked with cylindrical 3D Charge Trap Flash cell structures and vertical interconnect process technology. As a result, Samsung's 3D V-NAND achieves manufacturing productivity improvements at 2x compared to 20-30nm planar NAND flash. The V-NAND SSD ships in a range of heights, all in a 2.5" form factors. The heights are x, y and z-heights of 10cm, 7cm and 7mm, to enable server manufacturers with greater flexibility.

Samsung recently announced it began producing the V-NAND SSDs.

Samsung Enterprise SSDs

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