by Lyle Smith

Samsung Announces Industry’s First 1TB Embedded Universal Flash Storage

Samsung has begun mass producing their 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) 2.1, designed for use in next-gen mobile applications.  Just like the release of their 128GB version, this is an industry first. This new technology will also allow smartphone users to have similar storage capacity as a premium notebook PC, eliminating the need to supplement their storage with microSD cards.

Even though the new eUFS is double the capacity size compared to the previous version, it uses the same package size (11.5mm x 13.0mm). Samsung was able to accomplish this by combining 16 stacked layers of their most advanced 512Gb V-NAND flash memory in addition to a newly developed proprietary controller.

The 1TB eUFS is quoted to deliver up to 1GB/s in read transfer rates, which is roughly double the speed of a tradition SATA consumer SSD. Samsung adds that the random read speed performance has improved by up to 38% compared to the previous 512GB version, claiming a maximum of 58,000 IOPS. Random writes are expected to hit up to 50,000 IOPS.


There is no solid date as to when Samsung’s new 1TB eUSF will be generally-implemented inside mobile devices; however, they are expected to expand the production of the 512Gb V-NAND at their Pyeongtaek plant during the first half of 2019. There will undoubtedly be a very high demand from mobile companies for their new 1TB eUFS.

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