by eugene

Samsung's Spinpoint F1 Hits the Performance Database

Figures for Samsung's impressive Spinpoint HD103UJ have been added to the StorageReview Performance Database. Unlike other terabyte offerings, this unit uses just three platters to achieve its 1000 GB capacity.

Delivering an auspicious showing, the F1 is the first 7200 RPM drive to break 1000 IOps in the StorageReview Office DriveMark. Its other single-user results are equally impressive. The drive's multi-user figures, on the other hand, are respectable but not outstanding.

A comparison of the F1 versus its terabyte competition.

Capacity faces off with speed - the Spinpoint versus the VelociRaptor.

As always, readers should remember that the flexible StorageReview Performance Database permits the creation of custom head-to-head drive comparisons across both the SATA and SAS interfaces.