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SanDisk Doubles The Performance Of InfiniFlash With IF150

Today SanDisk Corporation announced that it has upgraded its all-flash storage platform, InfiniFlash, to InfiniFlash System IF150. SanDisk has upgraded the 6Gbps SAS connectivity of InfiniFlash to 12Gbps SAS. SanDisk states this upgrade will deliver twice the performance while retaining the same high capacity. This new higher performance widens the variety of workloads that the InfiniFlash can now do including high-performance computing (HPC), big data analytics, and media services. Along with the new IF150, SanDisk is also introducing new offerings to enhance the InfiniFlash experience.

As we initial stated, InfiniFlash is an all-flash array, SanDisk's first storage array, which is designed to address enterprise and hyperscale workloads such as Big Data analytics, content repositories (such as social media sites), and media streaming. The InfiniFlash provides 5 times the density, 50 times the performance, and 4 times the reliability all while consuming 80% less power than a standard HDD array. The latest upgrade gives it up to 2 million IOPS and consistently low latency making it uniquely suited for both the scale-out and scale-up environments. Like other InfiniFlash models, the IF150 offers up to 512TB in 3U and can directly connect up to eight off-the-shelf-servers. The IF150 also offers $1 per GB price point for raw flash (with compression and deduplication reducing the effective price per GB further).

IF150 features and specifications include:

  • Exceptional Performance: Features an enhanced 12Gbps SAS interface, which can deliver up to two million IOPS, providing new levels of speed and performance in read/write-intensive environments.
  • Breakthrough Economics and Reduced Opex: Offers up to an 80% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) advantage over HDD-based systems. It is projected that all-flash arrays are 10x more reliable than HDD-based arrays, greatly reducing maintenance and FRU expenses.
  • Incredibly Low Power Consumption: The lowest power consumption – 450 watts average – of any high-capacity flash storage in the industry, significantly reducing data center operating expenses.
  • Downsized Data Center Footprint: IF150 delivers among the highest density – 512TB in 3U – in the industry, saving costly rack space in the data center, making efficient use of available power and floor space.

SanDisk is also announcing two new offerings for its entire InfiniFlash systems family. These new offerings center on Broadening SanDisk’s commitment to exceptional customer support. The new offerings include:

  • FlashStart– A SanDisk Professional Service for all InfiniFlash storage systems and SanDisk ION Acceleratorcustomers that ensures that all hardware and software is optimally installed and configured to give all customers a competitive edge.
  • FlashAssure– A comprehensive customer support service including warranty coverage, selectable Service Level Agreement (SLA) options and onsite field technicians.

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